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Is my information safe on this website?

Ofcourse we took every possible step to secure your personal information on this website. There are two types of information you provided to us.

1. Hidden Information: This information is provided by you at the time of registration on our website which includes Full Name, Address & Phone Number under the section "Hidden Information". This information is 100% secure and safe with us. It is not accessible publicly. Only the administration team can use this for the administration and verification process of your account.

How this site is different from others?

First of all main difference is fee, other sites may charge some fee for registration or contacting members but we don’t. Second we make registration easy, simple and accurate. Third we try to protect our user's privacy and don't allow the access to personal information without consent. In the last our objective is to provide a medium for solely matrimonial purpose not for dating and such myths.

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