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Is my information safe on this website?

Ofcourse we took every possible step to secure your personal information on this website. There are two types of information you provided to us.

1. Hidden Information: This information is provided by you at the time of registration on our website which includes Full Name, Address & Phone Number under the section "Hidden Information". This information is 100% secure and safe with us. It is not accessible publicly. Only the administration team can use this for the administration and verification process of your account.

2. Profile Information: At the time of registration you have to fill out different sections i.e., Personal Information, Partner Information and Contact Information. After successful registration and activation of your account by the administration team you are allowed to fill out another section i.e., Social Information. All other registered members can see all the details provided under these sections without any restriction. If you don't want to disclose some information e.g., contact number, skype id etc., you may leave those fields empty. Some search engines and non-registered members can also access your profile but they aren't allowed to see the information under the section "Contact Information".

3. Your email address, username and password are safe and will not share with any other 3rd party.