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Matrimonial in Islam is Nikah


In every religion, to conduct marriages there is a specified method and procedure that needs to be followed by the followers of that religion. Marriage is one of the basic needs of a human being and it lets the society to avoid a number of crucial complications. In Islam for marriage there is a beautiful code of conduct is defined that is Nikkah, a form of agreement between two persons that serve their rights and define their duties towards each other in a marriage relationship for life. Nikkah lets the person to know about what are the terms and conditions that needs to be full fill when two people are bound in the agreement.

Right age of Nikkah

Such as to be mature and able to vote there is a specified age that is defined as mature and most suitable one, same as in Islam there is a specified age for marriage. As it is one of the major responsibilities of life so, for Nikkah the right age for a man is 18 years and for women is 16 years that is declared by the religious authorities under the flag of Sharia. As compare to that the legal age of marriage for men and women is the 18+ and most probably it is made sure that the male person should be able to handle all the expenses of life and fulfill the needs of his wife and family as well. According to Islam the responsibility of all the needs and necessities lies on the male partner.


Components of Nikkah

There are some of the important and basic components that need to be full filled by the both sides at the time of Nikkah. At first the groom should be able to stand his family and full fill all the needs and necessities of life while on the other hand the bride should be adult and mature enough to understand the real meaning of marriage. Both groom and bride should be agreed to the terms and conditions of Nikkah and will be aware of everything that comes into it. There are some certain defined rights of Divorce, monthly expense and other major responsibilities for the necessities of life are also discussed in the Nikkah Agreement.


Witness in Nikkah

Just like the other major agreements Nikkah do require Witnesses from both sides of Bride and Groom, they should be mature and responsible one. Nikkah do not support any kind of dowry or other marriage price as it is prohibited in Islam but there is a “Meher” Price for the Bride by the Groom.  Along with that the guardians of Bride and Groom should be there and be agreed to it according to their will. There is also a compulsion of a dinner ceremony named as Walima after Nikkah to let the people know about it generally and share all the happiness with them. It is one of the beautiful moments that let the people to be together and enjoy.

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