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A Message from Founder of Online Muslim Matrimonial Service

Founder of Sehrabandi

It’s been 5 long years since “Sehrabandi” launched. Huge achievement and a special milestone for it. Now it is the time to target next milestone, to look further and beyond.

5 years back as a founder I didn’t feel the success, but now I have faith that I can achieve my goals by looking into prospective future. I started with a vision and an idea then worked hard to make it successful.

Why I launched free online matrimonial service for Muslim and Pakistan? Because, I felt that Pakistan’s culture and traditions are different from the other Islamic states and far different from non-Islamic states. During those days, there were only traditional ways of match making e.g., Traditional Marriage Bureaus or by search into family, relatives and friends. It was unrest struggle especially for the bride’s parents. At that time the use of Internet was becoming popular. Facebook was being noticed and Twitter was getting followership from Pakistan. So I decided that it is the time to use the power of Internet to help parent to get matches for their children.

The reason behind starting a matrimonial website was that I wanted a matrimonial website for Pakistani's and for the Muslims of all over the world which gives them a trusted platform where they can securely and conveniently create their profiles and can search for their life partners. Of-course without any financial burden.

During the voyage, Sehrabandi strictly followed ethics, principles, rules and policies to make this Muslim matrimonial site valuable for the parents, friends, colleagues and families. I promised to keep this our mission.

Now, I had launched recently a newer version of my first ever experience as a founder. I proudly presented to you Sehrabandi as a pure matrimonial website for Muslims around the globe.

You can follow me at Twitter @theyzonecas

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